Strange events take place in a turn-of-the-century, bed-and-breakfast which begin Austin travel journalist, Campbell Elliot on a roller coaster ride from hell as he unravels a five-year-old unsolved murder case of a teenage girl in the small Texas town of Marble Falls. It takes the help from a team of two hard-nose police detectives, Campbell's lounge-singer fianc, a whacky militia member, a daring stripper/dominatrix, and a judge helplessly in love with the stripper, to put pieces together that lead to the murderer. Being part Native-American, Campbell Elliot becomes aware of being haunted by crows. He calls on his friend, Wise Bear, a Hopi elder, that gives insight from the other side. Do the crows carry a message from the dead? Find out the crow's message in Crows Calling. The story is an intriguing amalgamation of the ancient, sacred ways of Native Americans listening to the synchronicity of nature, mixed with jocular characters that can only be found in Texas. A cacophony of facetious mishaps, romance, murder, and quirky characters make Crows Calling a fast paced read. This book would appeal to those who love to laugh at Texans and Texans who love to laugh at themselves.

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                                     A TWISTED TEXAS TALE OF MURDER AND INTRIGUE